Stephen Taulanga (Sales Manager)

Our Sales Manager is man of many talents, not least of which is cooking.

So why the change you may ask, well after many years chefing and making people happy with his cooking, Stephen decided that his heart was set on business and helping people secure their 2nd largest investment in their life, their car. He is thorough, easy going and extremely helpful to his staff and customers alike.

His passion for all things on wheels does not stop at cars, he is an avid trail biker, Road Rider and 4wd’er. Basically he loves anything that helps him explore the natural landscape Australia has to offer.

If you need to chat Ford, or want to try and get him to cook you lunch, give Stephen a call and see how you go.


Reid Zammit (Sales Executive)

There’s something you’ll notice about Reid and you start talking to him about your next car. He is passionate about making sure all his customers are 100% satisfied.

He has been with us a little over a year now and came with a background of Customer Service in one of the hardest industries to make people happy, Fitness. After working in a gym for a while Reid decided he need to learn a new skill and move his Customer service skills to something new, so he came to us.

He is all about the gym and his family and of course making sure you drive away as happy as a gym junkie with a full protein shake and an empty gym.

For tips on your next Ford, or your next gym move call in and see Reid.