The Spring Makeover for Your Car

The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and all around spring has sprung. You’re done with sitting in the house by the fire sipping on hot cocoa and you’re ready to take on the world and start your Sunday drives once again not that the weather is warmer.

Except for the too and from work run and the odd duck to the shops your car has laid dormant all winter as well so now it’s time to spring clean it and get it back on track for weekend getaways. There;’s plenty that needs to be done, some you can do yourself and some are best left to the professionals. Here’s a list of our top tips to get your car ready for the warmer months.

Spring car maintenance

Air conditioning

Starting with the important stuff, making sure we have cold air as the temperature rises. It’s a great time to book your car in for an air conditioner check and a pollen filter replacement at your local Ford dealer. They can check that the air conditioner is getting cold and regas it if necessary to ensure you and your family stay comfortable throughout the summer months. You want to make sure that all is in working order and sufficiently cold.

Tyres and brakes

Now’s the time to take a look at that tyre wear and the wear and tear on your brake pads and make sure they’re ready for the extra miles you’re about to travel on them. You can do a visual check yourself on your tyres by looking at the wear indicator and seeing how much tread you have left on each tyre. If they are all in good order, then book your car in for a brake check and at your local service centre. If you have a service coming up, they will do this for you as part of your service.

Windscreen wipers

Let’s face it, we usually use them a lot over the winter months (but not this year) so make sure they are still in good working, non-smearing order in case you get a sudden summer shower on the road. Once the sun comes out and there’s leaves all around things get stuck under them and can cause damage. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth and use your wipers with windscreen fluid to ensure an even clean. While you’re at it, make sure you have windscreen wiper fluid so that you can clean off that pesky pollen from parking under a flowering tree.

Oil and filters

It’s a great time for an annual oil change and filter change to keep everything clean and ready to go. You can book a spring check up with our service department and we can take care of all your spring needs in one place.

Glass everywhere

Car Cleaning

With all the frost and dust your windows are sure to have a build up of grime that you’ll want to get rid of before you take off. Make sure you grab a good glass cleaner and a microfibre cloth and get those windows perfectly see through for your adventures. If you have window tint then don’t forget that you can’t use your glass cleaner on the inside. Just mix some soap and water and give it a wipe down.

The alternative

If you’re thinking that it’s spring and the start of something new, forget the spring check up and upgrade instead. There’s no better time to check out our Ford cars for sale than the start of a new season. You never know, you may just find that perfect match and start the spring season off in style.