Ford Territory TX vs Titanium

Everyone loves the Ford Territory Titanium Diesel but with the price of the 2016 TX RWD Petrol Territory now selling for  $15,000 less, it’s time to weigh up the value proposition on the final hurrah of the exceptional entry level Territory.  Is the Titanium worth the extra dosh or should you save your money and put it towards your mortgage or a well earned holiday? Read on to find out!

Ford Territory TX vs Titanium – Which Car Looks Better?

When it comes to aesthetics, both the Ford Territory TX and the Territory Titanium are both fine looking vehicles. Several major face lifts since 2004 have done a great job of modernising the original design and with dark optional tinted windows, the Arctic White in both models looks sensational. The Titanium offers 18’ rims over the 17’ rims offered on the TX which look great but many will prefer the slightly comfier ride of the 17’ rims due to the taller tyre sidewalls so that one is probably a draw.

Interior wise, TX owners get cloth trim while Titanium owners get leather. Leather is certainly more prestigious but it can be cold in winter and hot in summer so for many, cloth offers better comfort.

Diesel vs Petrol

Both of the engines offered in the Ford Territory are punchy and absolutely brilliant.  The diesel is better on fuel for sure but from a value proposition, you will need to do some serious kilometres to justify the extra expense of the Territory Titanium based on fuel costs alone. That said, although the TX comes with petrol standard from $41,765 drive away* the diesel variant is now available as part of a special run-out offer for just a few hundred dollars more at $42,490. TX goes from great to brilliant.

7 Seat Capacity vs 5 Seat Capacity

Personally, I have just two children so I am not in love with the idea of paying out over $15k for the 7 seat Titanium Territory to drive more than one of my children’s friends around. Don’t get me wrong, they are great kids but for $15k I could spot them an Uber on those rare occasions the 7 seats would be in use. On the other hand, my wife loves the idea of having 7 seats and I can not imagine her signing off on either new Ford Territory with just 5 seats. Luckily, there is an option to have the third row fitted to the TX for around $2500 so now we have a diesel Ford Territory with 7 seats for around $45k. What’s not to like!

Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) vs All Wheel Drive (AWD)

Most AWD vehicles on the market are front wheel drive with extra drive gear to power the rear wheels when needed. The Ford Territory TX is unique in that it is a true RWD SUV which offers optional running gear to provide power to the front wheels when needed. In extreme circumstances (ice on road, mud, oil etc) the additional power to the front wheels may offer greater traction but most of the time, the extra running gear simply adds weight and is not needed. While the AWD variant is standard on the Titanium, it’s an option on the TX which will cost you  around $8000. For buyers seeking simplicity and lower fuel use, removing the extra running gear makes a lot of cents!

Entertaining The Kids

When I took my first Ford Territory for a test drive, I had both my wife and children in tow and we immediately found ourselves behind the wheel of the Titanium model. While I may question the need for leather seats, AWD, Diesel engines and 7 seats, the roof mounted BlueRay player with two infrared headphones for the kids to watch as we travel along is probably worth $15k all by itself. During that 10 minute test drive, my children were so quiet, it was like they were not even in the car. In fact, my wife and I were able to have our first real conversation in a car in 16 years of marriage so to say I was a fan of the Titanium entertainment system would be an understatement.

I would have driven the Ford Territory Titanium home that day had my wife not uttered $15,000 saving words.

‘A couple of cheap Android tablets and some headphones and we could have this every day!’ And so we return to the TX.

Summing Up

Both The Ford Territory Titanium and the Ford Territory TX are absolutely fabulous family adventure vehicles and anyone who has been thinking about getting either will be very, very happy with their purchase. For those customers who love the best of everything, no question, the Titanium offers significant enhancement over the base model and pricing is highly competitive considering all those bells and whistles. For those who are seeking the very best value however, Ford have put forward a very enticing opportunity with the run-out model Territory TX. The RWD option is brilliant for saving weight, fuel, wear and tear and of course up front purchase costs. It’s still just as safe with a 5 star ANCAP safety rating and if the 7 seats are a must, you can add them in along with some nice tablets and still save a lovely bunch of money. Test drive the Ford Territory TX today and get your pick of colours while stocks last.

*Prices valid as of 16th October 2016 based on a Sydney 2000 postcode and subject to change at any time.