Ford Territory Titanium Packs Value + 7 Seats

Ford Territory’s Turbo Diesel Engine has attracted quite a bit of praise since its introduction into the Territory range and for several good reasons. It’s clean burning, more economical and quieter than you’d imagine a diesel with this much power could be.So what happens when you couple this amazing engine with the luxurious trim and extras of the Ford Territory Titanium model? You get a car that makes any adventure possible and whether you are the driver or the kids in the back, this is a very joyful feeling indeed.

There is something rather kingly about being able to transport seven people in total comfort while towing a huge boat… or caravan… or toy hauler. The efficiency of the Territory Titanium 2.7L V6 makes motorhome arguments mute and a Titanium Territory travelling along with the whole tribe, family caravan in tow has to be one of the finest sites in all the lands. Try this in another brand and you feel like you are pretending. Ford Territory keeps it real, but in the Titanium, you can’t help feeling a bit awesome when you realise this baby is yours. Wife all smiles, kids all smiles (watching the inbuilt DVD player in the roof no doubt). Sensational!

For those longer trips, the Territory Titanium makes the drive worry free. For example, when you and your Queen and the young Princes and Princesses are heading off for a weekend escape,  can reach up to 1,000km on one tank*, not just precious dollars saved, precious time saved too from all the fuel stops so you could stop at a park instead and kick the footy with the kids for a stretch break. Nice!

Travel safely with peace of mind too.  Hidden underneath the sleek exterior is a whole host of safety features so you can feel comfortable knowing that the Territory Titanium has been engineered to help protect you and the people who matter most. And when the kids fly the coop and you can’t bear to part with your Ford Territory it’s tailor made to make a seriously nice Uber transporter so you get even more opportunities to drive it.

With smart technology, smart interior styling and a smarter presence on the road, the Ford Territory Titanium is seriously in a class of its own.  Functional and flexible, the smart Territory endlessly adapts to your lifestyle, offering you the dynamic driving experience you want, the versatility you need and just enough style without attracting the ire of your neighbours.

Like you, wherever it goes, the Territory steals the show. Its eye-catching design features a prestigious front grille and dynamic styling that your friends will be glad to celebrate (hey, it’s a Territory!) It’s also Australian designed and engineered giving the vehicle unique energy on the road and a real presence in the driveway.

Make a bold statement every time you get behind the wheel. The statement that says, this is my territory and I love it. With a great range of stylish colours and trims, you can customise your Territory so it’s just right for you.

Test drive your Ford Territory Titanium now at your Ford Dealer.

*Theoretically possible however you may find with a full load of kids, dogs, your golf gear, food, spare clothing, a caravan in tow and several pushbikes on top, you may get a tad less.