Ford Territory Buyer Surge

All good things come to an end eventually and time is running out if you want to secure a new Ford Territory before production ends in October. Which is a shame because when you look out over the landscape of seven seater SUV’s in Australia, the Ford Territory continues to shine brightly in several key areas that will be left in the shade when the big Ford family wagon is no longer available.


When you compare the handling and drivability of the Ford Territory to front wheel drive SUVs with 7 seats or 7 seater SUVs with an off-road bias, the Ford Territory is in a class of it’s own.
There is no shortage of great driving cars in 2016 but there are very few large seven seat SUV’s that are as car-like in their handling as the Ford Territory (I would actually suggest none). It is a true rear wheel drive vehicle (with all wheel drive optional) which gives certain advantages in situations where your traction and steering might be compromised. For example, a good demonstration of the Ford Territory’s composed handling is passing another car on a narrow country lane. Driving with one set of wheels on a wet grassed verge with the other wheels remaining on the tarmac, the Territory still feels totally solid and secure. Even when the vehicle is asked to do an emergency stop with this less than ideal driving surface combination, you can feel confident stomping on the brakes because the Territory is completely unfazed in real world situations like this.

Value for Money

When Ford Australia came up with the first Territory in 2004, it was in response to growing feedback from primarily female drivers with young families that they wanted a higher driving position, easy loading of shopping bags and prams and a bullet proof, family friendly interior. Oh yes, and it has to handle like a car and be affordable. 12 years later and the Ford Territory still holds true to that original brief. If you are not heading off-road, the rear wheel drive entry model (Ford Territory TX) is unbelievably good value and actually slightly better on fuel due to the lower rolling resistance. For just a few dollars more than the base model, your rear seat passengers can revel in a cocoon of entertainment complete with 10’ monitor and wireless headphones. Ok – let’s be real – if your kids are in the back with headphones on watching a DVD as you head off for a weekend away, it’s you that will be revelling because you will actually be able to have a conversation with whoever is in the passenger without interruption. Priceless!

In terms of ‘bang for buck’, the Territory is a proven performer with over 155,000 examples sold and still going strong – testimony to the Ford Territory’s longevity and reliability over time. With any new car, there will always be a few teething issues (as was the case with the Ford Territory’s earliest iterations) however after a 12 year production run, the Ford Territory is about as perfect a family car as one is likely to find anywhere. What they say about run-out models is true. They have all the bugs ironed out, they are packed to the gills with all the goodies and the price is keen as mustard!


The Ford Territory has over 30 little nooks for storing everything from your drink bottles to your smart phones, books, snacks and toys for the kids. If you actually have enough children to fill every seat, you will still have enough stowage around the cabin for your day to day needs. When it’s time to take ‘the big trip’,  the Territory also has an excellent tow rating so if you have a boat or a big caravan, you will be all sorted with your Territory.


The Ford Territory is built by Australian’s for Australian’s and the only 7 seater on the road built specifically for you and me! It’s also extremely safe and has a 5 star ANCAP safety rating.
A recent commentor on The Motor Report said this…

“I have a Diesel Ford Territory, what a brilliant car and an absolute shame that it will stop being made. The V6 Diesel is a brilliant engine and very economical. Very frustrating that it will no longer be available”
And so it’s crunch time! While the used market will rock on for a good many years to come, if you want a brand new Ford Territory, stocks are being sold out so take one for a test drive while you still can and order your brand new Ford Territory now.