Fiesta Sport vs Kuga – Nan’s Dilema

You know you are get older when your top selection criteria for buying a new car is how easy it is to get in and out of and if the seat is supportive enough – and here I am doing exactly that kind of research on a new Ford.

I’ve had my eye on the Ford Fiesta Sport for a while now but for the reasons mentioned above, I am also checking out Ford’s mid-size SUV, the Ford Kuga. I love how car like the Kuga is and being that little bit higher than the Fiesta, it is in fact much easier to get into the seat, which ticks the comfy and supportive box. The view is pretty good too!

That said, there’s no denying the Fiesta Sport looks the goods (both in and out) with the alloys, fog lamps, chrome, interior leather trim where it counts and an overall feeling of comfort that is amazing for the price. The Fiesta sport also has a little more get up than the Kuga but how fast do I really need to go? The most urgent thing I have to do today is drive over to my daughters and help her with the twins and the washing. Hmmm, perhaps the sedate Kuga is a better choice there too. On paper, it offers excellent fuel economy and with my low yearly mileage, I am sure I won’t be seeing the fuel pump to often.

One thing I do like about the Kuga is the fact there’s no need for a key – getting in or starting her up! I’ll have to get use to that one!

This Fiesta Sport vs Ford Kuga is proving to be a tough choice. The Kuga does match many of the Fiesta’s great features and in its favour there is a bit more flexibility with storage and a decent size spare! Oh and the automated tailgate opening… so great! When it comes to safety, I see great technology in both cars and I am particularly glad to see the stability control in the Kuga. It is an AWD after all and I’d like to think that my adventuring isn’t completely over. Having said that, as a sporty car the Fiesta is likely to make me feel quite spritely. Oh this is getting hard – I think I’ll take the Fiesta Sport….Hmmmm, no, the Kuga. Ford at least has made it easy to assist me with what’s important for me at this stage of my life – safety, comfort, and an enjoyable ride.

Now, which has the best colours?