Choosing The Right Family Car

family SUV Car for Sale

There’s an old saying that most people live by and that saying goes “There is someone out there for everyone.” The same can be said for cars. No matter where you want to go and what stage of life you’re in there will always be a car that fits your situation. The hard part is finding it. With such a large range of vehicles on offer it can be sometimes daunting to work out what car is best for you, so we thought we’d share our thoughts.

The Car enthusiast, Young Entrepreneur

If you’re looking for your first real car and you like the grunt of a V8, you can’t go past a Ford Performance Vehicle. When you’re working hard and like to let your hair down on the weekends the Ford Mustang can be your ultimate weekend release. The right mix of performance, grunt and luxury driving, you’ll kick yourself if this car isn’t on your bucket list.

The newlyweds

So you meet the perfect person and you’re getting married, so now what? Your Mustang is no longer a viable option and you’re looking for something a little downplayed, luxurious and still sporty. There’s a few years yet until you start your family so it’s still just the 2 of you. Introducing the Ford Focus RS. 4 doors, 5 seats, but still packs a punch with a 2.3l turbo putting out 257Kw of power. This is the ultimate in between car where work and play meet in the middle.

Ford Performance Vehicle

Starting a family

With the family on the way, you’re getting ready for adventure, picnics, strollers and toys so upgrading to the superior safety features and interior space of the Ford escape is now needed. This go anywhere, do anything car will take you and your family to the next level allowing you to work through the week and go to soccer practice on the weekend.

And now we grow

As the family starts to grow, so do the friends and play dates. Looking for 7 seats without driving a people mover? The Ford Territory is one serious mum mobile. Luxurious, spacious with all the modern comforts of a luxury SUV the Ford Territory handles kids, dogs, bikes and scooters like it was born to.

Ford really does have a car for all occasions, so before you start your next adventure make sure you have the right car. Come down to your local Ford Dealer and check out our range of New Ford Cars for sale.