Buying Used Vs New. What Are The Benefits?

In terms of raw numbers, Australia may not appear to be an appealing car market but when you consider per capita statistics, few countries share a love for cars like Australia. When it comes to sales volume, used cars usually have double the count of new cars sold each year.

However, most people buy used cars from private sellers through platforms like Gumtree or Carsales. This may seem like a good idea initially, but you can’t ignore the unknown aspect of buying from someone who can easily disappear after the sale. You don’t know if the car is reliable enough to work smoothly even for a few months.

On the other hand, new cars come with plenty of benefits including warranty and the fact that it is sold at a dealership that must honour that warranty. However, it may interfere with your long term financial goals as it will be considerably more expensive. Buying a used car can save you that extra cash, but is there a trustworthy and better option to buy a used car?

Whether you are looking for a pre-owned car, SUV or truck, a certified dealership is the best place to buy second hand cars in Sydney. One of your best places for buying a used car is the City Ford Rockdale, a renowned and trusted ford dealership in Sydney and here’s why:

Used Car vs New Car

You don’t eat away at your savings

When you opt for a used car from a certified dealership, you can spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars less. Private sellers could fix up their car to be in working order for a short time, or as long as their car isn’t sold, but may fail with the basic maintenance required for long term reliability. Dealerships have a reputation to maintain and only sell you cars that are in excellent condition. They are also bound by strict used car policy and laws surrounding warranty and safety checks. Private sellers aren’t bound by these laws that are meant to protect you and your investment.

Warranty deals

Dealerships must offer warranties on all used cars regardless of condition, but from September 1st, cars that meet certain conditions have to be covered by a statutory warranty by law. So, you get some of the benefits that come with a new car at a fraction of the cost. Something that isn’t possible with private sellers.

Easy financing

Banks don’t like to give out loans without proper financial assessment of any asset. When you buy from a private seller, it might be very hard for the bank to figure out the perceived value of that car, and you’re on your own applying and getting approval from the bank. On the other hand, a dealership is armed with everything you need, from great deals to easy financing. Here your experience is better, faster, and more fulfilling.

Highly Reliable

Dealerships don’t do a one time sale. They have an incentive to bank on the goodwill of the customers for continued business into the future. They only list used cars for sale after doing the necessary bodywork or paint work needed and have them tested by in-house mechanics.

If you’re looking for a used or new Ford car for sale in Sydney, City Ford Rockdale has a great selection waiting for you. You can scroll through the selection online, or contact us directly. We can help you in the right vehicle at the right price.