A New Focus on Quality

Firstly I have a confession to make…. I am a die hard Ford fan, and to complete my bias, I already own a 2013 Ford Focus. But believe me, this just makes for a tougher critic. So being allowed the opportunity to give the New 2015 LZ Ford Focus a thougher evaluation was certainly high on my agenda.

In an really sensible move by Ford Australia, the 2015 LZ Ford Focus has begun arriving at our Sydney dealership prior to the official launch in November. This then enabled me the option of taking one for a spin over night, essentially to see if the new model would conjure up some buyer’s remorse in regards to my Ford Focus purchase late last year.

At first glimpse the new Focus looks sharper, cleaner and just that little bit angry, almost like it has a point to prove. The majority of the changes have occurred around the front grille, bringing it into like with the Aston Martin esk Ford Family look and really completing the entire Ford line up. There have been some minor tweeks to the tail lights, raising them up and slimming them out for a more contemporary feel. All these cosmetic changes are lovely, but it’s under the chassis where the New Focus has come along in leaps and bounds.

Gone is the DSG gearbox and in comes a safe and reliable ‘conventional transmission.’ Nonetheless, the DSG or dual shifting gearbox found in the LW Focus was swift shifting piece of tech, but unfortunately Ford really couldn’t get it 100% perfect. Therefore Ford have opted to return to a very refined Conventional Box which is very VERY good in it’s own merits. In my drive I found the new box to be quick and smooth without requiring much shifting time. One could be forgiven by assuming good DSG was still installed.

In comes a totally new engine too; the 1.5 litre Ecoboost must be one of the best engines in the world! Power, efficiency and a grunty gurrr from take off really says that this new Ecoboost is the complete package. Don’t get me wrong, the previous 2.0 litre was good in delivering 125kWs from a non-turbo charged engine, im just saying that the 132kWs from the Turbo Charged, Direct Injected 1.5 litre is simply so sooo much better than before.

For the average daily driver this Ecoboost engine means a couple of crucial things; the increased power allows for quicker acceleration to escape tricky situations, the improved fuel economy allows for more driving and less pumping and the lighter engine weight means that there is less mass in total, allowing the Focus to stop faster in an emergency. Trust me, it’s a massive winner all round and really gives the competitors a run for their money.

Finally, inside the cabin Ford has eliminated the overawing range of buttons in the LW Focus with the super simple SYNC2 system included standard in the LZ Focus. SYNC2 allows the driver to control their phone through simple voice commands which actually work. Also with Satellite Navigation which also comes standard in all Focus models, by saying that you are hungry your SYNC system will locate the nearest eatery and suggest a couple of options too.

Pervious Focus

New Focus LZ

Overall the New 2015 LZ Ford Focus has brought Ford’s top selling car worldwide into modern times and have achieved it magnificently too.  Seeing as I only purchased my Focus last year, I won’t be paying out my loan just yet, but i’m counting down the days. If you are lucky enough to be looking for a new small passenger car, the new Focus comes complete with my praise and just a little bit of envy.

By Harry Hillis