5 Reasons The 2019 Ford Ranger Must Be On Your Shopping List

The 2019 Ford Ranger is the second overhaul of this popular ute since it’s introduction a few years ago. Keeping the best bits in tact, Ford has overhauled a few main pieces and given drivers more options as they go up the model range to the best selling Ranger XLT.

What we believe to be some of the best reasons why you can’t leave the new 2019 Ford Ranger off your shopping list are outlined below:

More power and an upgraded gearboxupgraded gearbox

The new Ford Ranger will come with a 2.0L Bi-Turbo Diesel engine pushing out 157Kw of power. Both turbos work sequentially to deliver an impressive 500Nm of torque making towing that caravan or horse float a breeze. This new engine will output more power that the standard 3.2Ltr of previous models and is paired with an all new 10 speed gearbox.

You will also be able to stick with the previous engines as the 2.2 ltr 4 cylinder turbo-diesel (118kW/385Nm) will still be available on all 4×2 models and the standard 3.2Ltr 5 cylinder Turbo-Diesel (157kW/470Nm) is still around for XL 4×4. Both paired with the six speed manual and six speed automatic gearbox.

Interior TechInterior Tech

The Ford Ranger has been a huge drawcard for those wanting a work vehicle they can play in on the weekend so Ford have made it’s new Ranger easier than ever to spend your work day. Packed with tech, you can go about your business with ease when you buy a New Ford Ranger.

The XLS will now have front parking sensors and the XLT gets many new upgrades on top of it’s standard equipment. The XLT is a car that helps you stay alert with AEB (Pedestrian warning and early collision alert), traffic sign recognition and lane keep assist. It also comes standard with adaptive cruise control, slowing and speeding up your Ranger with the traffic flow in front, Semi-Automatic parking and reverse camera. It’s not on auto pilot but it’s as close as it gets until the technology to drive itself gets here.

StyleFord Ranger Style

The new XLT is sporting a restyled front grille and some minor interior enhancements. It also now comes standard with HID headlights including daytime running lights. You’re getting keyless entry with the all important push-button start and all the gear from the last model as well.

scores a restyled front grille, front bumper, HID headlights with LED daytime-running lights, keyless entry with push-button start, and minor interior revisions.

FlexibilityFord Ranger Flexibility

There’s a ranger for everyone and every situation. Ford Ranger is not just a Ute, it’s a cab chassis, dual cab, a tray back and a tub back. You can choose 2 doors or 4 doors and steel or alloy trays. The choices are endless and customisation is abundant in the 2019 Ford Ranger.

Whether you need a longer tray or more seats for the family the ranger will have a configuration that works for you and your family.

Piece of mind

When you look at new cars and you’re interested in the new Ford Ranger for sale, you need to consider your piece of mind in a few years time. Ford have provided this with the 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty, roadside assistance club and low price tyre guarantee. Other benefits from buying your next Ford from a new Ford car dealer include the brake price promise and courtesy cars keeping you on the road, while your car gets a little TLC.