5 Evolving Technologies In Car Safety

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In the words of Madonna “We live in a material world” and with the material things comes better and more advanced tech. Each year there are new phones, computer upgrades and even wi-fi for your ducted air. All this technology is meant to be geared for an easier and happier life, but what about your car? Being that it is your 2nd largest purchase after your house, it makes sense that you’d want some technology advancements to creep into this also.

With 2019 just beginning we thought we’d take a look at how your car technology is evolving to make it safer to be on the roads.

Surround cameras

Vehicle camera technology has been around for a while but the advancements in this technology is getting better year on year. Where you used to get an audible sound alerting you to danger behind you can now have a full 360 degree view of your car with 3D imagery and really time video making it near impossible to run into that pesky shopping bollard at slow speeds.

Autonomous Braking

If you’ve ever had a car pull out in front of you unexpectedly and felt the rush of fear that comes with shifting your foot from the accelerator to the brake you’ll love that many cars now come with Autonomous braking. This feature can detect a hazard up ahead and will apply the brakes ensuring you avoid a collision. It’s great for those hidden side streets or that time the kids are arguing in the back and you just didn’t see that truck pull up suddenly ahead of you.

Satellite assisted cruise control

I don’t know about you, but the thought of using cruise control around traffic sends us into a small panic. The fact that you feel you don’t have control of your speed if someone brakes in front, or you hit that work zone can cause anxiety and unnecessary stress. Satellite assisted Cruise Control takes the stress out of changing speeds and slow traffic as it adjusts it’s speed according to the car in front. This means you can set your speed and if someone does pull out to go around a slow driver, your car will detect it for you and slow you down keeping your safe braking distance. Once the slower vehicles is out of the way, you’ll speed right back up again to your cruise speed, it’s that simple.

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Augmented reality dashboards

Ok, so these don’t actually exist yet but the likes of Toyota and BMW are working on integrating these into the cars of the future. Think robots meet cars… Soon your car will be able to look ahead and display information about oncoming hazards direct to your windscreen in a heads up display.

It will be able to sense if there’s another car approaching too fast and give you a safe exit strategy to ensure safe passage. Imagine that, your car telling you without you looking which lane is clear and safe to maneuver around an obstacle without ever taking your eyes off the road ahead.

The best is yet to come

With Google working on self drive cars, into the future you won’t even have to touch a steering wheel to get from A to B, you can just sit back, sip your latte and read through your meeting notes on the way to the office. Isn’t technology grand…..
If you’re looking for your next car with some of these great safety features come and see the team at City Ford and we’ll show your next new ford for sale.